Sunday Notes and Links

Six pens ready for my therapy session

It was time for some fountain pen therapy this past week. I’d been using pens and inks based on what was on the review list, which left little time for my old favorites. A week ago I pulled out my favorite pen case – a Penvelope Six in well-worn Boot Brown leather. Then I went through my pens and filled the six slots with the pens that caught my attention and were just waiting to be used. This brought me to 19 pens inks but so what . A couple pens were already inked and I kept them going. I’ve been using these pens all week so new reviews will be slower. I have a couple ready to be written but the backlog is gone so things will be slower. Instead I’ll be enjoying my pens.
I’ve been picking one pen/ink as my primary writer for the day. I’ve been posting my selection to Instagram.

Some links from the past week…

Nock Co Brasstown & Hightower Review – //A new pen blogger. No fountain pen reviews yet despite the great name
Review: Franklin-Christoph Model 40P Fountain Pen – Masuyama Broad Stub @1901FC – Gourmet Pens
Refreshing! The Kaweco Skyline Sport (Mint) – From the Pen Cup
Paper Review – Environotes Sugarcane Paper – Fountain Pen Physicist
Parker Vector Navy Body Fountain Pen – No Pen Intended
Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Envelopes and Tablet Review – Pen Paper Ink Letter
Pen Review: Nakaya Neo Standard – The Pen Habit
Notebooks Explained –
Analogue and digital: an equal partnership – Pete Denison
Clairefontaine Basics Life. Unplugged Staplebound Duo Review — Modern Stationer

Ink Reviews…

Platinum Mix-Free Leaf Green – Inkdependence!
Sailor Jentle Ink – Four Seasons Nioi-sumire (Sweet Violet) – An Inkophile’s Blog
Noodler’s Turquoise Ink Review — The Pen Addict
None More Black — The Gentleman Stationer
Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Montblanc Albert Einstein – inklode // Gray inks are my favorites and this was a reminder I need to get out the bottle of this ink
Diamine Syrah ink review – Peninkcillin

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