Sunday Notes and Links

Sheaffer Crest on Doane Paper

Picking a favorite pen & ink this week was a little tough. I really only used two pens – my Omas 360 Vintage LE with De Atramentis Sherlock Holmes ink and my Sheaffer Crest with Sheaffer Peacock Blue ink. Both Combos would lose to some other recent combinations, even though both are solid performers. But I picked the Crest because I love the looks of the pen and it’s a lovely nib. The turquoise ink is growing on me so that went from a negative to a neutral factor.
Things were slow on the quest last week, although I’ve been using my fountain pens more than usual. I just need to get some time to write and take photos.
Hope all of you in the U.S enjoy your Labor Day holiday!
But now onto the links…
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Pilot Vanishing Point Review – The Pen Enthusiast
Rick Krantz is selling some Esterbrook nibs on the FPGeeks forum. Very good prices. No affiliation on my part but I did buy a Sheaffer from Rick in the past and it was a pleasant sale. If I needed one of the nibs I’d already have placed my order. There’s still a lot left when I checked early Sunday morning (my early – EST)

Ink Reviews

Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun – Inkdependence!
Review: Private Reserve Shoreline Gold — Alt. Haven
review: de atramentis pigeon blue – ink between the teeth
Epic ink test – 4.5 months later – Fountain Pen Physicist
P.W. Akkerman #24 Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen Fountain Pen Ink Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT
Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris ink review – Peninkcillin

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