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Pilot Custom 823 with Montblanc Bordeaux
Pilot Custom 823 with Montblanc Bordeaux

My favorite fountain pen/ink combo this week was my Pilot Custom 823 filled with Montblanc Bordeaux. When I looked at the available pens it’s the one I instinctively reached for.
Some links of interest…
I Challenge You To Write More Letters! – My Pen Needs Ink // A cool idea
Tomoe River Paper Master Post – THE PENVENTORY // I have a couple different Tomoe River notebooks and pads. I really like the paper. This is a nice list of various ways it’s available.
Waterman Charleston – // This reminded me I have too many pens because I do have a yellow Charleston. It didn’t make an impression and I haven’t used it in years. It’s time to pull it out and ink it up.
FABER CASTELL – canetas e coisas // Not what I envision when I think of Faber-Castell.
Liking Pens: Hobby or Obsession? — The Clicky Post // I think I’m a little on the obsession side, but with a ever changing focus. I use fountain pens every day, for just about all types of writing. Brand-wise I’m currently a bit obsessed with Sheaffer.

Ink Reviews

Review: Mont Blanc Daniel DeFoe – The Well-Appointed Desk // My bottle of this ink arrived this week but I’ve yet to open it. I still can’t decide from any reviews if I like the color or not. I’ve got to ink it up.
Ink Review – Maruzen Athena Sepia – Fountain Pen Physicist // Another ink I have a bottle of. I’ve used a dip pen and also swabbed the ink but have yet to ink up a fountain pen. I’ve been debating the best pen for this ink. At it’s price I want to pick carefully.
Caran d’Ache Vibrant Green – Inkdependence!
J. Herbin Vert Pre Review – The Pen Enthusiast
Sunshine Yellow – Diamine Ink Review – Ink of Me Fondly
Ink Review: Diamine Red Dragon – The Gentleman Stationer
Diamine Red Dragon ink review – Peninkcillin
Rohrer&Klingner Verdigris Ink Review – Write to Me Often

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