Currently Inked – September 18, 2014

My currently inked fountain pens
Writing samples of my currently inked fountain pens

It hasn’t seemed like I used my fountain pens a lot in September. I did write four of them dry but I re-inked one and also added one to the rotation. I flushed another pen before its time so I started September with 15 inked pens and I’m down to 12.
Three pens with a bright red ink was at least one too many, so I did flush the Pelikan Edelstein Ruby before its time. The ink was in there since late June but it never had a problem. There wasn’t even the hint of staining when I cleaned out the pen.
I also find it interesting that even though I have two pens with the Sheaffer Red ink, one is noticeably darker than the other. The Sheaffer Red in the Esterbrook inkwell, used by the Dip-less, has become noticeably darker as it’s been exposed to air. Although evaporation hasn’t been a noticeable issue. So it’s not like all the water is evaporating leaving a higher concentration of dye.
The Sheaffer 300 with Sheaffer Grey hasn’t been a perfect combination. The ink is clinging to the converter which is a first for this particular pen. I’ve had to prime the feed a couple times. It’s already low on ink and will probably be written dry the next day it’s my primary writer so I won’t flush it.
Evaporation noticeably lowered the ink level in my Omas 360 after a week of non-use, but there’s still ink in the pen. Considering the way this pen consumes ink it won’t last a full day the next time I pick it as my daily writer.
As usual, the writing samples are in the same order as they’re in the tray, except for the Esterbrook Dip-Less which isn’t in the photo.

Esterbrook Dip-less (#7555 firm extra fine) – Sheaffer Red // Franklin-Christoph Model 66 (extra fine)R&K Blau-Schwarz LE  // Kaweco AL Sport Raw Aluminum (extra fine) – J. Herbin Vert Empire cartridge // Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed (extra fine) – J. Herbin Gris Nuage cartridge // Sheaffer Crest (extra fine)Sheaffer Red // Sheaffer Targa (fine)- Montblanc Daniel Defoe // Edison Menlo (extra fine) – Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown // Lamy 2000 (fine)GvFC Carbon Black // Pilot Custom 823 (fine)Montblanc Bordeaux // Sheaffer 300 (fine) – Sheaffer Grey // Omas 360 Vintage (fine) – Omas Turquoise // Pelikan M620 Piazza Navone (broad stub) – Graf von Faber-Castell Hazelnut Brown

5 thoughts on “Currently Inked – September 18, 2014

  1. The Peacock Blue looks great in that Omas! I wonder… is your Sheaffer Grey a little purplish? I recently tried a NOS (or at least so I thought!) bottle and it had a hint of purple to it that I don’t remember seeing. Granted, when I used the ink back in the ’90s it was via cartridges.

    • It’s one of the few un-reviewed pens I have inked up so it will be reviewed in the next month or so. It’s one of three Pelikan Cities Series pens that I have. My taste changes a bit over time but it’s currently my favorite of the bunch.

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