Sunday Notes and Links

Pelikan Piazza Navone

Pelikan Piazza Navone and GvFC Hazelnut Brown

This past week seems to be the first time that I haven’t met my goal of published two articles every week this year. (These Sunday notes and the currently inked articles don’t count.) Things are definitely slowing down as life gets in the way. Because I’m still using fountain pens all day, every day, I suspect a large percentage of posts will be pen reviews, at least in the near future.

This week’s favorite fountain pen/ink combo is one of only two unreviewed pens I have inked up (hint, hint). The Pelikan Piazza Navone isn’t a pen I use a lot, not because I don’t like it, but because the broad stub isn’t my best choice for most of the writing I do during the day. This week was different and I got to use the pen for several long writing sessions. It was nice to use it enough to see the ink level drop noticeably during the day.

On to the links…

Cork – Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of It – The Pelikan’s Perch // A new (Aug 2014) site that is developing a wealth of Pelikan information. If I had found the site earlier I would have linked to A Treatise on the Modern Tortoise: 1980 – 2014 « The Pelikan’s Perch so the site gets a second link this week.

Back-To-School Goodies: Clairefontaine “Back To Basics” 1951 Notebook – THE PENVENTORY // I have a couple of these and really like them. But I’m still looking for a reason to use them since it’s not a notebook style I use a lot.

Review: Ryan’s Pen Tray — Alt. Haven // A nice simple pen tray

Luxury Plymouth pen maker to the Queen goes into administration – again – Plymouth Herald // Additional news indicates that all the employees, supplies and equipment are gone and only the name is left to be sold off.

Feeds – Crónicas Estilográficas // I’ve never considered the feed material when buying a pen. The only reason I can see for picking ebonite is that it’s possible to adjust the feed to change the flow. That’s not something I’ve ever done or even considered doing.

Pentrace // Pentrace has changed hands and has a new URL. To be honest I haven’t been to this site in years but it’s time to start visiting it again.

Muji Aluminum Round Fountain Pen – inklode // Muji has had a few reviews lately. Everything seems to be good quality at a reasonable price.

Liking Pens Part II: Can Pens Be An Investment? — The Clicky Post // For me the answer is “no” since I like to use the pen which will inevitably lower it’s value, especially if I add some blemishes. I have bought pens for less than I could probably sell them but I don’t consider that an investment. I also have a few exceptions due to pure luck.

Aurora Afrika Fountain Pen Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT // This is one of the few pens I’ve seen on this site that I haven’t wanted to run out and get. It’s a nice pen and gets a good review, just not my taste.

Sailor Realo Professional Gear – // I really like the look of these piston pens and their nibs.

Lamy Studio 2014 Special Edition Wild Rubin Overview – Ink Nouveau // Bright red

DDC and Field Notes Fun at American Field — Modern Stationer

NAKAYA – canetas e coisas // Beautiful pen

J. Herbin Tempête Review – The Pen Enthusiast // I didn’t realize J. Herbin made an eyedropper pen

Ink Reviews

Caran d’Ache Magnetic Blue – Inkdependence!

Ink Review – Private Reserve Sepia – Fountain Pen Physicist

J. Herbin Orange Indien, Clairefontaine And A Giveaway – An Inkophile’s Blog

Review: DeAtramentis Apple Blossom Ink – The Well-Appointed Desk

Private Reserve Black Cherry ink review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Organics Studio The Real Teal – Ink Review –

Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses – Ink Review – Stationary Journey

Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses – Ink Review – Stationary Journey

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