Sunday Notes and Links

Karas Customs Ink Fountain Pen uncappedMy favorite pen of the last week was the one that just arrived this week. The Karas Customs Ink with Montblanc Mystery Black is almost through its first converter fill. It’s a big pen, and while it is heavy it isn’t as heavy as its solid steel bar looks make it out to be. I still haven’t used it for longer than about 20 minutes at one time, but I haven’t felt any fatigue.
Some links I found interesting this past week…
Modern Stationer – // I’m trying to make my podcast listening less tech-centric and this looks like a good addition*
Commonplace Book Ideas – The Well-Appointed Desk // Some good journaling ideas
Take a 10 minute survey to win great Pelikan prizes! – FPGeeks // Interesting survey which doesn’t take long to fill out.
Parker Quink Blue Black ink review – Peninkcillin // I don’t see many reviews of this ink. I tried it once myself but wasn’t impressed
M201 – No, It’s Not a Typo – The Pelikan’s Perch
Kaweco ink cartridge giveaway – Pens! Paper! Pencils! // I have a rather large supply of Kaweco cartridges and enjoy the ink. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you win.
Epic ink test, R1M6 – Fountain Pen Physicist // Six months, more patience than I have.
Collectible: Peter Pan fountain pen – On Fountain Pens
Anyone for Terry’s? A short review of Cult Pens/Diamine ‘deep dark orange’ – A fool with a pen
Lamy 80 Fountain Pen Review / Lamy 80 Dolmakalem – Write to Me Often // A thinner Lamy 2000
The Basics: Cleaning A Fountain Pen With A Converter – Gourmet Pens
Doane Paper Utility Journal: Large Size — The Gentleman Stationer // I’ve always loved the paper and I’m learning to like the size. I just added a few to my stash.
Visconti Opera Master Demo Fountain Pen – Hey there! SBREBrown // A beautiful pen
The full list of links can be found at fountain pen links.

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