Sunday Notes and Links

Pilot Vanishing Point Maple Wood 2013 Limited EditionI didn’t have a clear favorite fountain pen and ink combo this week. I seemed to pick a different pen each time I reached for one. I did ink up a new pen this week since I needed the benefits of an easily uncapped fountain pen to take notes during a class. I know clicking isn’t exactly uncapping but it accomplishes the same thing. So my Pilot Vanishing Point Maple Wood got a extra fine nib swap and then a Pilot Black ink cartridge. Currently I prefer cartridges in my Vanishing Points. For one, I have them and I hate to waste ink. But it’s mainly because they not only hold more ink but it’s easier to check the ink level. I do like Pilot ink so I’ve never had the motivation to save the empty cartridges for bottled ink.

Some links of interest from the past week:

OMAS OGIVA – canetas e coisas // I love the color of this pen.

EPIC Goulet Announcement – Ink Nouveau // Goulet Pens is changing but ink drop is delayed another month. As compensation we can all get ink samples on sale.

Karas Kustoms Ink Review — Modern Stationer // The Ink was my first Karas Kustoms pen and I do like mine. I quickly wrote through the first converter fill. It’s not currently inked because I have so many pens already inked. But it’s waiting.

Fountain Pen Day Giveaway: Pilot Metropolitan (Fine Nib) — The Gentleman Stationer // Fountain Pen Day is November 7th. There’s a lot of sales and giveaways going on, this is just one.

Swan’s Big Red – Crónicas Estilográficas // It’s not the Swan pen company I think of when I hear the name. Until I read this I never knew there was a Japanese Swan pen company.

NOODLER’S INK NEPONSET FOUNTAIN PEN – Noodler’s Ink // The long awaited Noodler’s Neponset pen is official and will arrive any day now. While I find the pen interesting I won’t be in the queue to get one. The music nib isn’t for me. But I do look forward to reading the reviews

Rotring Inventory V Unknown / Rotring Dolmakalem Envanteri V Bilinmeyenler – Write to Me Often // Four pens I wouldn’t have guessed are Rotrings

Montblanc Meisterstuck 90 years Permanent Grey – Inkdependence! // I like this ink so much I bought a second bottle, even though it’s on the expensive side of the scale.

Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen: Emerald Pearl M Nib – The Well-Appointed Desk // Every time my eye catches a photo of this pen I think “Vacumatic” because of the etched lines although as the review points out, and a closer look at any photo shows, this is not a Vacumatic. It does sound like a solid fountain pen in its own right.

Epic Ink Test, R2M3 – Fountain Pen Physicist

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links.

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