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KarasKustoms Ink in Gold

My favorite pen of the week didn’t arrive arrive until mid-week but it’s been my fountain pen of choice since then. It’s the KarasKustoms Ink in gold with a medium nib. The Montblanc Permanent Black ink is along for the ride. I hope to have a Ink review up in the next few days.
Some links of interest…
PSA: Mouse Print* – Sneaky Fine Print»Blog Archive » New Scam Emails Fake Order Confirmations to Shoppers // I’ve received a couple of these that made it through my spam filter. It was an obvious fake to me since i hadn’t shopped at the stores. The email from address and link was also obviously not from the retailer. But this time of year people may be clicking these emails automatically.
Celluloid goodness: Omas Ogiva Vintage – these beautiful pens // I need to stop looking at these Omas photos.
Plimpton’s, A Tradition In West Hartford, To Close As Owners Retire – Hartford Courant // My local (kind of local at least) stationery store is shutting down. It had branched out from stationery but still stocked fountain pen ink, fountain pens, stationery and other pens.
Madrid Pen Show 2014 – Crónicas Estilográficas
Regal 82 William Fountain Pen Review — The Pen Addict //I never heard of this brand before.
Connecting your paper notebooks with the digital age – Rodrigo Franco – Medium //A great idea I’ll be stealing.
Field Notes “Ambition” – Winter 2014 Colors Edition – Review – // I like the look of these and wanted another ledger style notebook.
Fountain Pen Virus: Patient Zero – The Pen Habit
Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links.

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