Sunday Notes and Links

My favorite pens this past week

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink isn’t a single pen. My favorite was the number of enjoyable pens that I got to write with during the past week. I did a lot of writing and picked a different pen to start most days. Since a couple pens went dry there was also a couple of days with two pens.
Only two inked pens didn’t get used. My Lamy 2000 was often in my carry, but was never uncapped which seems like a waste. It’ll be first up in the week ahead. My Sheaffer Imperial has a nib that’s interesting, but far too wide for me to ever consider it a favorite. A tenth pen will be reviewed in the coming week. It was surprisingly nice but didn’t make it as a favorite.
I finally got active on the blog this past week. In case you missed it I reviewed the Karas Kustoms Ink and a Dudek Modern Goods pen stand.
I also mentioned The CU13E (Cube) Kickstarter project. They’ve since added tumbled aluminum finish and a machines brass cube. I’m drooling over the brass but it’s way more expensive than the aluminum versions so I may go with the tumbled aluminum. The campaign is in its final days so be sure to check it out.
Some links of interest…
Three Questions With Ben Kwok — The Pen Addict // Artwork you need to see. Be sure to follow the link to his website
Christmas Card Guide – All Things Stationery // It’s that time of year
The Cartridge Chronicles – How to reseal a fountain pen cartridge – Fountain Pen Physicist – // While I can see why people do this, I guess I basically lazy because I find this to be too much work.
Field Notes: DDC Factory Floor Limited Edition — The Gentleman Stationer // I picked up one 3-pack of these (number 1473). I’ve yet to break the seal but after this review it’ll probably be the next one I reach for when it’s time for a new notebook aven if they are grid.
My Desk 2014 – My Supply Room //
He claims there’s a desk in there someplace. Even so, it seems more organized than my desk typically is.*
Noodler’s Whaleman’s Sepia ink review – Peninkcillin // I have a bottle of this but haven’t used it yet. If my experience is the same as this review I’ll be disappointed.
Hudson Being Discontinued…. – Edison Pen Co // I never did get one of these popular pens, and now it looks like I never will. There may still be time to grab one if you’ve been considering one.
Use the discount checkout code: GRISWOLD for 15% – doane paper feed // I already placed my order to stock up. So feel free to buy out the rest of my favorite paper. You have until December 9th.
Made to measure? On buying bespoke or custom made fountain pens – A fool with a pen // My own custom pen has gone unused far too long. Unfortunately it’s a desk pen, due to it’s size, and up against my favorite F-C Model 66.
A Tale of Two M600’s – The Pelikan’s Perch // The first of a series, be sure to check out the second article too, it’s already out.
Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links.