These Just Ink: More KarasKustoms Ink and the Bullet Pencil – TT

KarasKustoms Ink
Black RB with brass section and Blue FP with copper section
Bullet Pencil TT

My obsession with the KarasKustoms Ink has brought two more of them into my accumulation, one fountain pen and one rollerball. This gives me one gripping section for each material (aluminum, brass, copper) for each pen type (fountain & roller) along with one of each nib size available. Since I can mix and match to my hearts content  I’m hoping to stay satisfied. But there’s still two barrel colors available that I don’t have and their Pen Addict discount code runs through year end. I wouldn’t bet against an end of year order.
I’ll add pictures and update the review once I’ve used the pens awhile.

My first bullet pencil also arrived. The Bullet Pencil TT was a Kickstarter project which I backed. The TT (Traditional Tip) is a standard bullet pencil, no stylus tip included. Like all the other Kickstarters I backed it was late, but only by a couple of months which is on time based on my Kickstarter experience.
It’s my first bullet pencil although (I also backed the Twist Bullet Pencil which should arrive soon). I’m expecting it to join my Kaweco AL Sport as a daily carry, maybe replace it.

3 thoughts on “These Just Ink: More KarasKustoms Ink and the Bullet Pencil – TT

    • Jose,
      Considering how long it’s been since I used one I probably should. It’ll probably take a week or more for me to decide which ones and test them. I’ll email you when I decide and sort them out and before I post them to this site.

      • Please let me know, even if you want I can buy them or I would be open to get you a couple of new ones in the newest version, I simply prefer the ink’s first generation.
        Best regards

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