Obligatory Year End Post

Gold fountain pen Ink with copper section
My personal pen of the year – Gold Ink with copper section

Relatively speaking, my pen additions in 2014 were way down from the 99 in 2013. I “only” added 15 fountain pens and three Esterbrook nibs to my accumulation. Although this doesn’t include the two pens on a UPS truck (or plane) on their way to me and due to arrive next week.
Picking a favorite of the 2014 crop isn’t difficult since I own three of them and have two more on the way. Not to mention that I have three rollerball versions of the same pen. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about the KarasKustoms Ink. The pen is a near perfect size for me and I love the industrial design. Although the gold with copper section is my favorite single Ink it’s the multitude of colors and gripping section materials which can be mixed and matched that is the real draw for me.
A fountain pen that surprised me was the Sheaffer Crest. It’s a thin pen which goes against my current preferences. I bought the pen because of the stunning finish and it’s a Sheaffer. I never expected it to be a pen I enjoy writing with. But the pen exceeded my expectations and it’s a favorite. The Nova Red finish is stunning and the extra fine nib is sublime. Just like the KarasKustoms Ink I went back for more and picked up the Nova Green version.
As for the blog…
Thanks to all of you, readership more than doubled from last year, at least based on views. If there are things you’d like to see more of, or less of, let me know in the comments or the contact form.
I published 166 articles this year, 167 including this one. Of those 55 were fountain pen or Esterbrook nib reviews and 22 were ink reviews. Even though I didn’t add many new pens this year I did have a lot of fun using a variety of pens from my accumulation.
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