Ink & Pen Notes: KarasKustoms Ink and Montblanc Permanent Blue

KarasKustoms Ink (silver) fine nib

When I empty a pen, either by writing or otherwise, I usually write a few notes about the pen and ink for future reference. I decided to try moving those notes to the website. This isn’t an original idea as David from NibsAnd.Ink and has been doing this regularly when he inks his pens.
I inked up the KarasKustoms Ink with Montblanc Permanent Blue back on November 26, 2014 and cleaned it out January 7, 2015. I picked the fine nib and aluminum gripping section.
Forty two days is a bit long for a ink that has some iron gall in it. But the modern stuff is very mild and Montblanc themselves (in the included pamphlet) just say to clean the pen “regularly.” Although, they say this is to avoid build-up of solids rather than corrosion.
Montblanc Permanent Blue is a bit on the dry side which I like. The flow was good in this pen until the final days. I’m not a fan of true blues, which is what this is, but I kind of like the color. There was some skipping and I noticed a little ink clinging to the sides of converter. I forced the ink down into the feed and got another page or two before it was completely dry.
I reviewed the KarasKustoms Ink here. I’ve yet to review Montblanc Permanent Blue but my limited experience matches this review at The Unroyal Warrant.

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  1. MB Permanent Blue does not have any iron gall contents – you are thinking of the old blue-black formula (which has now been replaced by a non-permanent, iron gall-free dye ink). It does have high solids contents which is why MB recommends you clean your pen every three months or so.

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