Ink and Pen Notes: Omas 360 Vintage with Montblanc Bordeaux

Omas 360 Vintage with Montblanc Bordeaux ink bottle

The Omas 360 Vintage has a name I hate. It’s vintage in name only and there are in fact vintage (meaning old) Omas 360s. I feel like I have to mention this every time I say this pen’s name. This a modern pen I picked up at the 2013 DC Pen show. I review it here. The nib started as a factory medium but I had Mike Masuyama turn it into a fine.
It’s easily the wettest fine nib that I have and also the one with the most spring. While it may not meet vintage nib flexibility standards it’s the most flexible nib I have. It doesn’t really suit my writing style, the line is too wide, but I still have fun using it.
Montblanc Bordeaux is my favorite ink, plain and simple. It’s topped my Top 5 Inks list since, well, since I made the list. I reviewed the ink here.
Together, they were fun to use. Although I couldn’t really use them as my daily writer which is all due to the pen. But it was fun to play with the flexible nib on weekends (a weekend pen?). Thanks to the very wet nib the ink doesn’t last too long in this pen. I inked the pen December 28th and it went dry today.

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