Sunday Notes and Links

Edison Menlo Pump Filler

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination was the Edison Menlo with Montblanc Toffee Brown ink. A repeat from last week. The pen should go dry any moment now and when it does I’ll have to put it aside to give another pen a chance.

Some links of interest…

Ink Review: Sheaffer Skrip Red — The Gentleman Stationer // I’m not the only one who loves this ink.
Adjusting Your Fountain Pen – Part 2: Aligning the Tines – The Pen Habit
Delta Dolce Vita Slim –
Review: Super Rotax — Alt. Haven
13 Things to Do With All Those Blank Notebooks – The Well-Appointed Desk
Montblanc Winter Glow Ink Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Edison Collier — Modern Stationer
Aurora Black Ink – My Favorite Black — The Clicky Post
Noodler’s Black Ink Review – Stationary Journey

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Notes and Links

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