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I was recently contacted by Linda Shrewsbury of CursiveLogic with an offer to let me review the system. The CursiveLogic system is currently being offered as a Kickstarter project that closes in just over two weeks. I passed on the review offer due to time restraints and it didn’t seem fair to say yes when I was unsure I could complete a review before the project closed. But I did checkout the CursiveLogic Kickstarter and the CursiveLogic website.
I don’t write in cursive anymore. I can’t remember when I stopped but I reverted to printing because my cursive was illegible, often even to me. The system makes sense to me and since I would like to relearn cursive I did back the project.
I should point out that the system should allow learning cursive quickly. If I was willing to focus I could probably do a thorough review in the two weeks. But I know from experience I just won’t focus on improving my handwriting since it’s been on my “to do” list for well over a year and I’ve yet to make a serious effort.
Be sure to hit the previous links to review the Kickstarter and CursiveLogic website.

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    • Yup, I have the same hope. So far I haven’t been able to motivate myself to start working on it. I’m hoping this is easy and fast enough to make my writing legible and get me motivated to work on it even more.
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