Bad Pen Giveaway

The current giveaway items

I’m trying to thin my accumulation and one of the first pens to go is a truly bad fountain pen. I also found some extra pen adjustment supplies that might help the winner revive the pen. This giveaway is open worldwide. Included in the giveaway is:

  • Conklin Ohio (Blue) with a really terrible 14K gold nib. Misaligned tines and scratchy. The pen also has flow problems. Converter included but no box.
  • “Fountain Pens – The Complete Guide to Repair & Restoration” aka “Da Book” by Frank Dubiel
  • Two 3-way buff sticks
  • Nib smoothing kit with two abrasive sheets (green and white sheets in the photo) and a brass shim
  • One 10X loupe (used)

The giveaway has the usual rules:

  1. Leave a comment on this post by noon eastern US time on Saturday February 21, 2015. Include the line “I want the bad pen.” to prove you read this post. Entries without those five words will be discarded. You can add anything else, just include that line.
  2. One entry (comment) per person.
  3. Previous commenter bonus: If you’ve left one or more published comments on this blog in the past you’ll receive an extra entry. (Even if the comment was another giveaway entry) You do need to leave a valid comment (see rule 1) and you need to use the same screen name as you’ve used in the past. You also need to use the same email address (which is never published or shared) so I’m sure no one is hijacking your name. Using an account such as WordPress, Google, or any other that the WordPress commenting system supports works too. Do not leave a second comment, I will add the additional entries.
  4. The comments will be listed in a spreadsheet in the order received and then the previous-commenter bonus entries will be added to the list. The winning row number will be selected using
  5. The email address for the comment is a required field but does not need to be valid, although your should remember it to confirm you are the rightful winner. I will publish the winner on the blog and they will have one week to contact me and provide a shipping address. (I will try to contact you using the email address provided if it seems valid.) Email addresses will never be shared or published.

Good luck!

48 thoughts on “Bad Pen Giveaway

  1. This looks interesting. I’d love a chance to learn to tune up an FP nib without having to experiment on my own FPs. So yeah, I want the bad pen. 🙂

  2. I want the bad pen. I want to help it live a happy life on a desk not in a drawer or being sent around the world on ebay sales and returns. : )

  3. I want the bad pen. I love learning to maintain and restore the stuff in my garage, and I love my new Conklin Stylograph, so why not try a hand here?

  4. I want the bad pen too! I really want to learn how to repair & restore fountain pens too so the whole prize looks amazing!

  5. I want the bad pen. I recently screwed up one of my pens, and I’ve been desperately trying to fix it since then.

  6. I want the bad pen to add to my collection.
    One bad own I already have is actually useful in my art project so I have room for more.

  7. I want the bad pen. I want the bad pen! Haha, good combination of tools. I’d be as excited to have the repair book and high-grit polishing paper as the pen 🙂

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