Ink and Pen Notes: Esterbrook Dip-Less with #7550 nib and Sheaffer Red

Esterbrook Dip-Less #7550 nib and Sheaffer Red bottle

I poured the full bottle of Sheaffer Red ink into the Esterbrook 407 Inkwell back in August of last year. It went dry yesterday, just a bit over six months later, and I cleaned it out today. I’ll be refilling it tomorrow, again with the same Sheaffer Red, but I wanted to clean it out before I did. Removing the stopper was a bit messy, some ink splattered when it came loose, but it stayed within the sink. Other than that it was easy to clean out.
No doubt some of the ink was lost due to evaporation, but I did do a lot of writing with the pen.
The nib photos show the ink drying and crusting up where the pen rests in the inkwell. I would clean that off every couple of months although it didn’t affect the writing. It cleaned off easily and there wasn’t any staining.
The nib has a lot of ink when it’s pulled from the inkwell and in most cases it was enough for what I needed to write at the time. Towards the end the ink began to have more of a burgundy look to it. I gave both the Esterbrook Dip-Less and the Sheaffer Red Ink full reviews.