Winner of the Bad Pen Giveaway

I was a bit delayed and didn’t get a chance to draw the winner until today but it’s done and Chris Edwards is the winner of the bad pen.

Winning Number

Winning comment

Chris, please respond to my email or contact me using the contact form within 7 days so I can ship everything out to you.

There were 47 entries plus two bonus entries for previous commenters. (For those of you keeping track, the post shows 48 comments because I replied to one.) Chris had commented previously but it was the number of his original post that was drawn, not the bonus.

I was surprised at the popularity and didn’t expect so many entries. If you’re looking for “Da Book” Richard Binder is still selling them from him website for $20 which is slightly less than I’ve seen it for on eBay.

And to answer a question that was asked – the pen was born bad (I think). It was one of two I bought as new but from a clearance bin. I worked on the other one, not very successfully although it was an improvement. I decided not to try this one. Despite the gold nib, which I usually wouldn’t pick to practice on, these pens were cheap enough be practice fodder.

Good luck Chris!

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