Ink and Pen Notes: Sheaffer Crest with an Extra Fine Nib and Monthblanc Poppy Red Ink

Sheaffer Crest uncapped on a mirror

I inked up my Nova Red Sheaffer Crest back on January 19th, so it lasted just over a month. It’s extra fine nib uses ink sparingly so this isn’t surprising.
Montblanc Corn Poppy Red is a relatively new ink and this is the first pen I’ve used with the ink. I’ll be reviewing the ink soon and this is the pen I used as my daily writer for the review.
Performance was good. There weren’t any hard starts or skipping problems. The line put down was true the the nib size. Dry time was OK, I did have some careless smudging problems on slicker paper (Rhodia, Tomoe River).
While the pen was almost empty I did flush it out early due to a problem I had. The barrel came loose yesterday and I noticed a little red ink on the threads which is the wrong side of the nib for ink. When I removed the barrel I noticed ink had crept up from the feed opening. It’s a squeeze converter but it was obvious the ink had come from the area of feed opening and not from a hole in the sac. The converter seemed to be securely in place so the cause is still a mystery. It’s a new event for the pen but I’m not willing to blame the ink. At least not yet.

Sheaffer Crest Nova Red with Montblanc Corn Poppy Red leaked around the converter
Oops, a little Corn Poppy Red loose in the barrel

Others have said they had some nib creep with this ink but I didn’t experience any significant nib creep. While there was some ink on the nib the pen did bounce around my computer bag several times. That big spot on the gold section of the nib (in the above photo) came from the pen rolling onto the ink that was on the paper or my fingers since it wasn’t there when I uncapped the pen.
Unfortunately I lost the photos I took of this pen inked up and didn’t notice until I flushed the pen. So no gallery, just the messy converter photo and an older file photo. The review, a day or two away, will have writing samples.

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    • Hi Pao,
      The pen is a brass barrel with lacquer over it. Sheaffer says “over 23 layers” of lacquer which gives it its depth. I call it Nova Red because that is what the box was labelled, but I’ve also seen it called flame red.
      Thanks for reading,

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