Ink and Pen Notes: Parker Duofold Senior c.1928

Parker Duofold c.1926 FIne Nib with Aurora Black bottle

When I reviewed my Parker Duofold Senior I said that for me it was the classic fountain pen. So when I say I love this pen I admit to sentimental bias. The pen isn’t perfect. For one thing, it doesn’t travel well. If it bounces around in my briefcase or computer bag, even in a pen case, there’s always a lot of ink splattered in the cap. So this time it was pretty much home bound. I did carry it gently in my shirt pocket a couple of times. But I admit that, unlike other vintage pens I have, I am paranoid about it leaking. For the record, it has never leaked.

The pen was inked with Aurora Black back on February 2nd, so it lasted just over a month. Aurora is a deep, dark black. It’s also a wet flowing ink, at least with this nib which is also on the wet side. I rarely use a true black ink but I do like the Aurora Black. If I’m going to use a black ink it might as well be a classic black.

This combination is a little freer flowing than I like for my everyday writing during the day. So I generally used it for longer writing sessions of paper that dries fast (i.e. not Rhodia). This was usually Doane Paper. Even though it’s an extra fine nib I ended up writing bigger than normal with this pen. Not uncomfortably larger, but not within the small lines on the Doane paper.

Cleaning this pen was a tedious pain. For a pen that won’t write anymore it takes a long time to remove all traces of ink from this pen. I got tired of flushing and shaking so I relented and held the nib in the ultrasonic cleaner for about five minutes. But I really did like the combination so this is a small price to pay and I wouldn’t think twice about using Aurora Black in this pen again.