Ink and Pen Notes: Lamy 2000 And Omas Turquoise Ink

Lamy 2000 fine nib with Omas Turquoise ink bottle

I inked up my Lamy 2000 with Omas Turquoise ink back on February 2nd. I wrote it dry today so it lasted just over a month. The Lamy 2000 has a fine nib which was very scratchy when I received it, as I mentioned in my review. But the nib has since been tuned by Mike Masuyama.

The ink performed well in this pen, no skipping or hard starts. Unfortunately the ink is, well, turquoise. It’s not a color I like at all but I did use it enough to write the pen dry. (The ink was included with my Omas pen.)  It was loaded into the pen because its line number in my ink spreadsheet was picked by I wanted to give the ink a chance so I picked a good pen for it rather than put it in a pen I also wouldn’t want to use.

Considering the light color it provides good coverage on all colors of paper.

The ink flow is on the wet side from this nib. It’s also slow drying and I did have a few accidental, careless smudges.

The ink was easy to clean from the pen. Piston fillers aren’t a favorite of mine when it comes to cleaning, at least when I’m cleaning it for storage and want all ink traces removed. But it was a quick process to remove all traces of this ink from the Lamy 2000.