Sunday Notes and Links

I didn’t pick a favorite ink and pen this week. I used all my inked pens during the week but none rose above the others to grab my attention. A new pen did arrive yesterday and I suspect it will be a favorite by this time next week.

Some links that did grab my attention…

Franklin-Christoph Model 40P Review – The Passionate Penman

Ogami: A Notebook Made of Stone – All Things Stationery

Overpriced — Fountain Pen Economics

Pen Review: Delta Unica – The Pen Habit

Rhodia Clic-Bloc Mouse Pad Paper – The Frugal Fountain Pen

Epic ink test – R3, M2 – Fountain Pen Physicist

A Morrell’s Ink Advertising Pen – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Sassafras Spring Fling 2015 — Nock Co.

New Pilot Capless Wooden fountain pens – On Fountain Pens

Lamy Dialog 3 –

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.

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