Ink and Pen Notes: KarasKustoms Ink with Montblanc Midnight Blue Ink

KarasKustoms Ink fine nib and a brass section with Montblanc Midnight Blue
KarasKustoms Ink fine nib with Montblanc Midnight Blue

I inked up the KarasKustoms Ink back on January 19th so it lasted over two months. I picked Montblanc Midnight Blue. The Ink (the pen – having a pen called “Ink” can be confusing) had an fine nib and I used the brass section.

I like the KarasKustoms Ink so much that I have five fountain pen versions and three rollerball versions. Montblanc is also one of my favorite ink brands and while Midbight Blue is nice enough I don’t find anything special with the Midnight Blue ink. It was a little slow drying so I had more careless smudges than normal.

Overall performance was good. No skipping or hard starts.