Ink and Pen Notes: Sheaffer Crest with Montblanc Irish Green

Sheaffer Crest with Montblanc Irish Green bottle
Sheaffer Crest with Montblanc Irish Green

I inked up my Nova Green Sheaffer Crest back on January 20th. This is the modern Crest from the mid to late 90s and I really love the extra fine nibs on these pens. I picked Montblanc Irish Green for this fill. It’s a bright green ink I like.

The pen and ink are perfectly suited for note taking and marking up documents which is what I used it for most of the time. I like having three different distinct inks available when I take notes during the day and the bright green ink works well for this.

The Crest is a thin pen, at least by my standards, so it isn’t my preference for long writing sessions. But I really do like the Sheaffer nib. It smooth and flows well so I can use a light touch which puts off the fatigue longer than most other pens this size. Plus it looks great. I typically dislike two tone or gold nibs but this nib screams “Sheaffer!” and I love it.

The ink does have a tendency to splash droplets on the nib, not really nib creep, but that just enhances the pen for me. There wasn’t any ink in the cap.

I wrote the Sheaffer Crest dry but it was still a pain to clean. There was a lot of ink in the feed and it took over a dozen flushes with the bulb syringe to get the water to run clear.