Ink and Pen Notes: Sheaffer PFM and Montblanc Daniel Defoe

Sheaffer PFM I and Montblanc Daniel Defoe ink bottleYou ever have one of those fountain pens that just wants to make you feel stupid? No? Well let me tell you about mine.

It’s a Sheaffer PFM I with a fine nib. It’s not my only snorkel filler, in fact I have a Sheaffer Snorkel currently inked. It’s been nearly a year, but I’ve inked this PFM before and it wasn’t out to get me back then.

Last week I went to ink it up with Montblanc Daniel Defoe and it decided to put me in my place. I had a terrible time filling it. It just didn’t want to take in ink. I finally got what I thought was a good fill and went to work using the pen. I did use it a lot over the next two days but it went dry far to soon if it had been full. I again tried filling and after a couple obvious failures I thought it was full. Bit it barely lasted a day.

While unexpected since the pen was purchased with a new sac, I figured I had a bad sac but decided to try another ink first. Since I was changing inks I cleaned out the pen. It took in plenty of water and didn’t seem to be having any problems. So I was optimistic when I open the bottle of J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage. But I continued to have problems getting a good fill. Back to water and it’s fine. Then the sledgehammer hits me and knocks some sense into me. I realized I was being timid and pushed the plunger down must slower when holding the pen in the relatively small and narrow ink bottles than I was with the large glass of water. Once I punched the plunger at a normal speed I got a good fill.

Suitably humbled, I’ve been using the pen several days and the ink is still flowing strong.

Despite the Sheaffer PFM making me look stupid I still like the pen. It fits my hand well and I really like the nib. I also like the Montblanc Daniel Defoe ink (also called Palm Green which is more descriptive). It’s a rather unique green, at least among the inks I’ve used. Unfortunately it does better in wetter or wider nibs. I say unfortunately because my nib preference is thin and on the dry side. I also wish the ink dried a little faster, there were some smudges.

The ink was relatively easy to clean from the pen although snorkels are notoriously difficult to get all traces of the ink out. I was refilling so I didn’t need to remove every trace.

As I mentioned, I’ve re-inked the Sheaffer PFM I, but now it has J. Herbin Lierrer Sauvage ink.

The MB Daniel Defoe ink ran through the pen so quickly that I didn’t get any nib photos with the ink. The Daniel Defoe ink didn’t creep or splash onto the nib at all. So, since it looked a lot like any other nib photos I included some with other ink.

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