Ink and Pen Notes: Sheaffer Balance II with Sheaffer Peacock Blue

Sheaffer Balance II with Sheaffer Peacock Blue ink

The Crimson Glow Sheaffer Balance II is new to me and the details are in my This Just In post. I’ve had the ink for awhile and have used it a couple of times. While true blue or turquoise inks aren’t ever going to make my favorites list I really did enjoy this ink in this pen. It seems a pen this color should be using a red ink. But I was drawn to use inks made during the same time as the pen, and probably in the same city. I don’t have any reds that meet that requirement but plenty of other choices. Peacock Blue provides a nice contrast to the bright marbleized Crimson acrylic of the pen.

Maybe I like the ink in this case because I like the pen so much. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this ink more in this pen than any other. The medium nib is narrower than most modern mediums nibs, at least western mediums. There’s a “M” engraved on the bottom on the section so it is a medium. It’s line is within my comfort zone. Flow was good although I did experience the occasional skip on the first stroke after uncapping the pen.

The Peacock Blue ink exhibits some nice line variation with this nib. The nib is a little wider and wetter than I like when taking notes or marking up a document so I mainly used the pen for dedicated writing sessions. The pen is well suited for that since the bright color of both the pen and the ink , along with the line variation from the ink makes me smile.

The pen was super easy to clean. There’s a spike that sticks up and into the converter or cartridge. My bulb syringe fits easily over this and all traces of ink are gone with a few flushes. It actually took me longer to clean the converter, although that was no harder than any other converter. I’m always concerned I’ll snap off that spike as several of my Sheaffers have no protection around it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I didn’t refill the Sheaffer Balance II in Crimson Glow yet, but that’s because I have several other enjoyable pens already inked. It is on the short list to be inked and it will most likely get Sheaffer Peacock Blue again.