Ink and Pen Notes: Sheaffer VFM with Diamine Prussian Blue

Sheaffer VFM with Diamine Prussian Blue cartridges

I just reviewed the Sheaffer VFM so this is going to be short. I inked the Sheaffer VFM up back on February 26th. I didn’t write it dry. Instead I pulled the cartridge once the review was done. It wasn’t a bad pen & ink combination, but I was always reaching past it to pick up another pen. As I mention in the review, the nib is wider than I want for taking notes and the pen is thinner than I can comfortably use for longer writing sessions.

The Diamine Prussian Blue ink flowed well from the cartridge, I didn’t have any hard starts. There was some minor skipping at times but never enough to be annoying. The nib was ready to use even after being stored nib up for a couple of days.

I never intended for these ink & pen notes to coincide with a review but I’m a completest and I can’t bring myself to skip writing this up. After all, how else will I count how many pens I ink up this year? So these photos are the same ones that appeared in the review. Not much new here.