Ink & Pen Notes: Platinum Plaisir with R&K Alt-Goldrün

Platinum Plaisir with a fine nib and R&K Alt-Goldrün ink bottle
Platinum Plaisir with a fine nib and R&K Alt-Goldrün ink bottle

In my notes about this pen & ink combo I wrote:

Too light a shade and too dry a writer

I actually said in was too dry. I’d have thought that was impossible. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been trying to keep my pens in my rotation until I’ve either written them dry or their performance is annoying. This pen has been neither written dry (far from it) and it’s not annoying, at least not in the ways that would make me consider flushing a pen, such as skipping and hard starts. The pen and ink are still writing great and there’s no objective reason to criticize either the Platinum Plaisir (fine nib) or the Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldrün ink.

So why take it out of the rotation? Like I said, to light a shade and too dry a writer. Those two attributes together create a greater annoyance than either would individually. One plus one equal seven on the annoyance meter.

The ink is a color of green that’s hard to describe, and none of those descriptions describe colors that are considered popular. Seaweed and swamp water come to mind. I really want to like this color, after all, it is green. I don’t actually dislike the color, but the ink is thin and watery which encourages the swamp water analogy. If the ink had more saturation I’d probably like it better. No matter how hard I try I just can’t bring myself to like this ink.

My real problem with this pen & ink combo is that I just didn’t enjoy writing with it. The thin ink, combined with the dry flow had me subconsciously thinking the nib was about to skip. I found myself griping the pen tightly and also pressing down on the nib. This made using the pen a very fatiguing experience. The Plaisir isn’t a thin pen, but it had the same effect on me as a thin pen. In the past, with other inks, the Plaisir has been great and doesn’t play mind games with me. Clearly the Alt-Goldrün is a bad influence.

Technically I’m not flushing it. But it is out of the rotation and out of mind. I’ll put it in my desk drawer to test the Platinum Plaisir’s claim to prevent evaporation for a year. I added a reminder to check the pen in 3 months since I probably will forget about it.

I actually like the Platinum Plaisir itself. I like the color and it’s a well built sub-$20 pen. I also like that the nib color matches the pen and the ink is visible in the feed. I have a second one in red. The nib is nice and smooth even if it is uninspiring.

I’ve already picked it’s replacement. I need a green ink and I’ll be returning to my Sheaffer Balance II in Jade Green and I’ll fill it with Sheaffer Emerald Green ink. This may seem repetitive, because it is. That combo was used in April.

2 thoughts on “Ink & Pen Notes: Platinum Plaisir with R&K Alt-Goldrün

  1. No!!!! Don’t give up on Alt-Goldgrün! Perhaps if you gave it another chance, maybe with your favorite (preferably broad nib) pen?

    • Hi theinkblob,

      It’s fighting a losing battle even though I want to like it. I do think it would be better in a wetter or broad nib, unfortunately those are two words I don’t look for in my nibs. I won’t give up on it, maybe in a stub nib.

      Thanks for reading,

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