Currently Inked – June 1, 2015

Eight seems to be the new magic number when it comes to the number of fountain pens I keep inked. I started May with eight inked fountain pens and I’m starting this month with eight inked pens.

I was consistent in more than the number. I didn’t do as much fountain pen writing in May as I typically due. It took until the last day of May for me to write a pen dry. It was my Pelikan M805 Stresemann which got a quick flush and a refill with a new ink.

I also rotated out the Plaisir although it wasn’t written dry. I replaced it with the Jade Green Sheaffer Balance II and a contender as my new favorite green ink.

I have too many red inks in use. If the Sheaffer Snorkel wasn’t such a pain to clean I’d probably flush it out. Instead I’ll use it every few days to keep it happy.

My Vacumatic with MB Bordeaux will probably be the next pen to go dry since I can barely see any ink in there. I may end up re-inking that one too. I really like the ink and the pen together plus it’s easier to refill the pen than it is to clean it out.

The only reason the Namisu is still inked is because I want to align and smooth the nib so there’s no sense wasting the ink that’s already in there only to ink it up again. I do use it briefly every couple of days to make sure it’s healthy.

On to the the pens. As usual, the writing samples are in the same order as the pens in the photos except for the Esterbrook Dip-Less which isn’t pictured.

Currently Inked Pens - June 2015
Currently Inked Nibs - June 2015
Currently Inked Writing Sample - June 2015

Esterbrook Dip-Less (#7550)Montblanc Corn Poppy Red // Pelikan Souverän M805 Streseman Anthracite (extra fine)Montblanc Toffee Brown // Parker Vacumatic Maxima c.1942 (fine)Montblanc Bordeaux // Pilot Custom 823 (fine) – Pilot Blue-Black // Namisu Nexus Minimal (fine) – Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire cartridge // Sheaffer Snorkel (extra fine) – Waterman Red // Sheaffer Balance II (Jade Green) – Sheaffer Emerald Green // Sheaffer Balance Aspen (medium) – Montblanc Permanent Grey

2 thoughts on “Currently Inked – June 1, 2015

  1. I notice that you don’t have a list like this, and I understand why, but I’m really curious as to what your favorite pens are. You’ve owned and tried quite a few pens – more than many of us ever could, and it would be great to know your thoughts on that. It would help all of us make decisions. Thank you!

    • Hi Joseph,
      My favorite 5 modern pens are here and the vintage are here. With the latest update I did limit myself to pens used in the previous six months but the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 is probably the only pen hat might have made the list if it was used. There’s a link in each update to the previous list if you want to see how my tastes change over time.

      Thanks for reading,

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