Ink and Pen Notes: Parker Vacumatic Maxima c.1942 with Montblanc Bordeaux

Parker Vacumatic with Montblanc Bordeaux bottle

My favorite vintage pen and my favorite ink. How could it be anything but great? It can’t, and it was (great that is).

The pen was inked back on April 3rd so it lasted just over two months.

I’m told the nib is officially a fine (it’s not marked) but it’s as thin as many of my extra fines (the western ones). It put down a consistently fine line right until the very end. There was a skip and then it went dry later in the same sentence. The nib is stiff without any spring which I like. The ink, combined with the fine line, make this a quick drying ink suitable for any paper.

The nib is 14kt gold and the nib finish itself is gold. I prefer a silver finish but I can live with gold on this pen.

The Vacumatic filer is a real pain to clean. It’s just repetitive filling and flushing of the pen along with a lot of shaking. I left it to sit overnight on a tissue to let any remaining ink wick out.

The pen is such a great writer and such a pain to clean I considered refilling rather than flushing, but I decided I needed some variety so I’ll pick a different pen. I’ve yet to decide what fountain pen and ink will replace it. I do want to get Bordeaux back in the rotation.