Sunday Notes and Links

Kaweco Black Stonewashed AL Sport in my Taschenbegleiter

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is my Black Stonewashed Kaweco AL Sport with a extra fine nib and a Kaweco Red ink cartridge. This pen snuck back up on me. I had decided to sell it to make room for the new brass model. I inked it up to test it out before selling. It’s been inked since and wasn’t put up for sale. I’ve been carrying it in the pen loop of my Taschenbegleiter. It can be annoying at times but I don’t worry about dings in the pens so I may keep it there.

Speaking of selling pens, in the blatant self-promotion department, three of the pens are left, the Vanishing Point 2012LE, the Kaweco AC Sport and the Edison Herald.

Some links of interest…

JINHAO – canetas e coisas // A pretty nice looking inexpensive pen

Review: TWSBI Diamond 580 RB edition — Alt. Haven // RB does not mean rollerball

Leather Review – Northwestward Field Notes cover by Craft & Lore — The Purl Bug // *A nice cover. In my case I don’t want this much protection for my pocket notebooks. Use and abuse provides it’s own design.

Pilot Capless – 1973 – CN–400BS – Crónicas Estilográficas // At one time I wanted one of the old style VPs but never came across one that had a proce I was willing to pay. I’ve gotten over it, although I do look for them if I’m at a pen show.

June Loadout — The Finer Point // I always enjoy seeing what others are using.

Announcement: The Souverän M3xx Now in The Aviary – The Pelikan’s Perch // A great Pelikan resource grows.

Pen Review: Kaweco Fantasie Pen — the desk of lori // A very interesting idea.

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.