Sunday Notes and Links

Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo on my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is driven by the pen, and also that I like new things. The Pilot Cherry Bamboo Vanishing Point with a left oblique nib and a Pilot Blue cartridge is my choice. The blue ink is riding the coattails on the pen. I like the properties of the ink, but blue has never been a ink I liked. My first impressions of the Cherry Bamboo are here.

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I still have two fountain pens left for sale. I’m considering dropping the price of the Kaweco AC Sport to $80. Mention this and you can have the pen and leather sleeve for $80 plus shipping, even if I haven’t officially dropped the price yet. The price on the remaining VP is firm although I’ll take another $10 off if you take buy the AC Sport and the Vanishing Point.

Some links of interest…

Review: Lamy Scala Blue Black with 14K EF Nib AND Lamy Dialog 3 with 14K F Nib – The Well-Appointed Desk // A nice pen. Luckily I see enough things I don’t particularly like so I can say no.

ERO – canetas e coisas // I like this pen material although I think over time I’d grow to consider it ugly. Yet my first reaction was “Nice!”

“Sheaffer’s take on Steel vs Gold nibs. 1982.” – edisonpenco on Twitter // More fodder for the gold vs. steel argument. As for me, if there is a choice I always pick steel.

Pen Review: Delta Fusion 82 – The Pen Habit // I probably wouldn’t have bought this pen anyway, but the marketing on the nib turns me off completely and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it no matter how nice the rest of the pen is. And it is a nice looking pen.

Three Everyday Old Pens – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Carried Away! book review – My Pen Needs Ink

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.