Sunday Notes and Links

Pilot Vanishing Point Maplewood with XXXF nib and Pilot Black cartridges

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination was picked by overwhelming use and has been here before. I was doing training this week, so I took a lot of notes. The Maplewood Pilot Vanishing Point with a XXXF nib and Pilot Black ink was perfect for this. Despite the very thin nib I’ve nearly written the pen dry.

I’ve recently become interested (obsessed?) with how people actually use their fountain pens, ink and paper. So links that fed this obsession jumped out at me. I contributed my own with how I’ve used my Nock Co. Fodderstack XL these past two months. July will have more articles along these lines, although I’ll start by stepping back to look at broader topics.

Let’s lead with a completely off-topic link. Cabel Sasser’s annual July 4th weird fireworks roundup. Always a amusing treat.

Some on-topic links of interest…
Due to the Saturday holiday this post was compiled and scheduled Friday night. Any link-worthy articles that appear on Saturday will be included next week.

Maruman Mnemosyne Imagination 180 Review — Reverenced Writing // The pad wasn’t suitable for the intended purpose but it eventually found an imaginative use.

Newton Shinobi – Clearly a Cut Above · Penucopia // A custom fountain pen used for over a year. Then two more were purchased and these included improvement , more like tweaks, over the original.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Wendy – Notebook Stories // A picture of all the journals used in just one year.

Jinhao 599 fountain pen review – Peninkcillin // A year old fountain pen, a good time for a review.

June Stationery Carry — The Pen Addict // No surprise with the Nock Co. heavy carry, but as I said, I like seeing what people use. Especially when the provide the background that answers – Why?

Pen Review: Karas Kustoms INK Fountain Pen in Raw Aluminum — the desk of lori // Lori does many ink reviews, which I don’t typically include in Sunday links. So when your done with this review browse around to see the ink reviews.

Mabie Todd Swan L205/62 | Goodwriterspens’s Blog // Beautiful

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.