Sunday Notes and Links

I didn’t do much writing this week so this week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination wouldn’t really mean much, especially since it would also be the fountain pen that still has that new pen glow. So I won’t pick it as a repeat favorite, but the Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe was my most used fountain pen this week.

Some links of interest…

“It’s just a pen….” — The Clicky Post // I agree with the sentiment of this post, especially the lines “Do new things still excite me? Sure! But is the compulsion to go buy everything the same? Not as much. What I’ve found is I feel a bit more connected and appreciate what I am using more.”

Pilot Capless – 1984 – FCN–500R and variations – Crónicas Estilográficas // I often add the older Capless to my want list, then I see them at a pen show and there’s always something that keeps me from pulling the trigger and buying one. Then it gets dropped from my want list

Guide to Fountain Pen Nibs: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks – // Good article with lots of tips. I do take exception to one, although it’s commonly recommended. The idea of using a paper bag (of unknown grit) to try and smooth down a nib makes me cringe.

Choosing My Tier 1 Pens — The Pen Addict // Brad picked his Tier 1 pens. They were also discussed on the Pen Addict Podcast episode #164. It’s heavy with pens that have an emotional attachment and not his choice of “the best” pens.

Review: Pilot Myu 701 — Alt. Haven // Another older, but not vintage, Pilot pen style that’s recently popular. A nice pen but I’m not drawn to buy one.

Another DIY Notebook For Fountain Pens – An Inkophile’s Blog // I’m not ambitious enough to try this, but I like to see the unique solutions others put together.

Dip Pen Modification – Calligraphy Nut // Another DIY project that’s interesting, even if not for me.

The TWSBI Eco has been released. I fear the quality of this pen based on TWSBI history and that this is an even lower cost pen. I won’t be getting one, but if you’re interested Ed Jelley has his first impressions and Dan Smith has a video review. Brian Goulet (of Goulet Pens) has a great post that answers a lot of questions about the TWSBI Eco.

Making a Silver Platinum Converter – I Laike Pens // Platinum does sell a silver converter, but if you’ve got a demonstrator Platinum and want to save a few bucks this may be worth your time.

Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen Review – My Pen Needs Ink

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.