Ink & Pen Notes: Pilot Vanishing Point Left Oblique and Pilot Blue Ink

Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo with medium left oblique nib and Pilot Blue ink (cartridge, not the bottle shown)

I purchased the Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo back in early June and had the stock medium nib ground to a left oblique at the same time. I’ve only had them about 8 weeks but the Cherry Bamboo has easily become my favorite Vanishing Point body and the left oblique is my favorite Vanishing Point nib. While swapping nibs between VP bodies is easy, even when inked, these two seem made for one another. (Although no doubt I will be swapping them around sometime in the future.)

Even though the photo shows Pilot Blue ink in a bottle I actually used the blue cartridge that came with the pen. Blue is not a favorite color of mine (the bottle came with a pen) but I do like Pilot ink (sometimes sold as Namiki branded ink). I expected to be pulling the cartridge early and use a more exciting color. But the flow was excellent, skip free and no hard starts, so I left the cartridge in until I wrote the pen dry. It took just under 8 weeks which surprised me, I thought I was using the pen quit a bit and it wouldn’t have lasted this long since it puts down more ink than my typical thin nib.

In retrospect, since I don’t use the pen for note taking, my most common pen usage by far, I shouldn’t have been surprised in lasted so long. I’d often use it to write one or two sentences, mainly because I enjoyed using it and I didn’t want it to go unused for an entire day.

I especially liked the way it wrote on the Tomoe River paper in my Nanami Seven Seas Writer Journal. Since it puts down more ink than I’m used to it does take longer to dry, especially on this fountain pen friendly paper. Since this isn’t a pen I use for notes or quick writing this wasn’t a problem for me. I just had to remember to pause a bit before turning a page.

I cleaned out the pen and will let it dry a bit before I refill it. As expected, the pen was a breeze to clean. The Vanishing Point nib units are quickly flushed out with a bulb syringe and the R&K ink is easy to clean. It’s actually not the drying that I’m waiting for, I’m still undecided on which ink to use next. I typically use cartridges in my Vanishing Points. They’re convenient and hold more ink than the converter options so they are a good fit for the utility of the Vanishing Point. But with this nib I want an ink with more character. Once I pick the ink I’ll put the pen back in the rotation.

My complaint about the pen? I’ve been wanting to ink up different fountain pens just for the variety. I like this pen Cherry Bamboo Vanishing Point with the Left Oblique nib too much. It won’t be making room for a different fountain pen. I guess that’s not really a complaint.

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  1. That is a really beautiful pen. I have my first Vanishing Point now (a new job present) in lilac, and I love it. I’m finding excuses to write more, which is nice after a long dry spell

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