Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe and R&K Blau-Schwarz LE

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe extra fine with R&K Blau-Schwarz LE

The Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe is another new pen for me. It arrived in mid-July and I immediately inked it up. I wrote it dry yesterday. It took just under four weeks for this which is a little quicker than average for me. This nib is thinner, and therefore more miserly with ink, than my average nib so this was a little quicker than I expected.

My Sailor Pro Gear Regency Strip has a extra fine nib which means it’s thin, as is typical with Japanese nibs. My Pelikan M805 extra fine nib feels like a broad nib in comparison. The Pro Gear’s nib has a little bit of softness. It’s not as springy as the nib on my Pilot Custom 823 so I wouldn’t say it’s springy. The one adjective I’m sure of is great. I love this nib.

The Rohrer & Klingner Blau-Schwarz LE ink is one of my favorite inks, just behind Montblanc Bordeaux. Performance in this fountain pen was fantastic – great flow, no hard starts or skipping. I could pause my writing for a couple of minutes and the pen would immediately write when the nib touched the paper again.

The ink was easily flushed from the pen with a bulb syringe. It actually took longer to clean the traces of the ink from the converter. It would have been easier if I took the converter apart but I dislike doing this as a matter of routine so I didn’t even try.

The Sailor Pro Gear Regency Strip is a great fit for my hand, combined with the nib this makes it a joy to write with. I also love the R&K Blau-Schwarz LE ink. I’m tempted to refill the pen with the same ink since it’s not currently in any of my other pens. But since the pen is new I’ll probably opt for variety and pick something else. I will be re-inking the pen sometime over the weekend, I’m just not sure which Ink I’ll use.