Ink and Pen Notes: Franklin-Christoph Model 19 and Sailor Storia Balloon Green

Franklin-Christoph Model 25 with a bottle of Sailor Storia Ballon Green

I picked the Franklin-Christoph Model 19 (1901) with a broad stub nib to test out the new Sailor Storia Balloon Green ink. It was over a year since I last inked up the Model 19. The broad stub nib was the optional Mike Masuyama grind that Franklin-Christoph offers. The nib is a little wide for my tastes so even though I like the stub I generally pass it over when picking my next pen to ink up.

I figured the broad nib would be a good choice to try out this ink. This fountain pen is also easy to clean and while I trust Sailor inks I figured better safe than sorry when trying a new waterproof ink.

I filled the pen July 27th so the ink lasted less than two weeks, but that’s because I didn’t completely fill the converter. I pulled the ink to about 1/3 of the converter, so that plus whatever the feed held is what lasted nearly two weeks.

The pen was used just about every day, it may have gone one day without use but it was kept active so the ink didn’t get a chance to dry out. I never had any hard starts even though the pen was stored nib up overnight. I did have some occasional skipping on the sugarcane paper in a Staples Sustainable Earth notebook. Most of my writing was on this paper so it certainly had more opportunities to skip on the sugarcane paper than any other. The skipping was very occasional until the ink level was low (about 1/2 a page left) when it did become more common. I also wrote several pages on Tomoe River paper and there wasn’t any skipping at all.

The Sailor Storia Balloon Green ink was OK. It was free to me (with the recent purchase of my Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe) and its not an ink I otherwise would have purchased since it is kind of expensive. It’s a nice shade of green and this nib adds some line variation. It’s waterproof which is nice, but not a requirement I have for my green ink. So really, nothing about this ink stands out which is why I say it’s OK.

The F-C Model 19 is easy to clean. Sailor Storia, being a pigment ink, is waterproof and potentially hard to clean. The ink didn’t have time to dry out in the pen but it did take a little longer than a normal fountain pen ink. It took 9 or 10 flushes with the bulb syringe plus I did have to use a cotton swab to get some ink drops off the nib.

While I still have Sailor Storia Balloon Green in another pen it will be awhile before I put it in another pen.

As for the Franklin-Christoph Model 19, I did enjoy writing with it. I’m debating whether to ink it up with a different ink or put it back into storage.

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    • Hi John,
      I probably will ink it up soon, another partial fill, to try out an ink. The nib is interesting and it is nice, just not a nib I’d use for everyday writing.

      Thanks for reading,

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