Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with Akkerman #10 Ijzer-Galnoten

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe extra fine with Akkerman IG Ink Bottle

This is one of my newer pens, acquired in mid-July. As for the P.W. Akkerman #10 Ijzer-Galnoten ink, it’s new to me and this is the first pen I’ve used it in. As you may deduce from the name, if you know Akkerman is a Dutch brand, this is an iron gall based ink.

The ink has been in my fountain pen for just a little over two weeks and I am flushing it out early. While I don’t like leaving iron gall inks in the pen too long that’s only a minor reason I’m flushing it early. Separately, I love the pen and the ink is nice enough (until it came time to clean it, but I didn’t know that yet). But the sum of them together (1 + 1) was less than two. I was bored with the combination.

Because it was an iron gall ink and I wanted to use the pen at least once a day it was always the first pen I picked up each day. Because I was writing less it was often the only pen I picked up on a day. This contributed to the boredom with the ink.

The very first time I wrote with the pen it but down a weak blue line which I didn’t like at all. It did darken as it dried, but I dislike true-blues so it was a bad first impression. While the paper does matter the ink has become more blue-black, even when it first hits the paper so it’s more to my liking. It also darkens a bit as it dries. Still, this was a step down, in my opinion, from the previous fill of the R & K Blau-Schwarz LE which is also a blue-black ink.

The ink level in the converter barely seemed to be lowering which I attributed to the very thin nib. Yet when I emptied the pen I found very little ink left in the converter, most of the ink coated the sides of the converter making it appear mostly full. This was the first indication that cleaning might be a problem. Flushing the pen itself was problem free and relatively quick. But because of the problems with the converter I did give the nib unit a short bath in the UC just to be safe.

I have to disassemble the Sailor converter to clean it up. Repeated fill and flush just did not clear the ink so I had to get in there with q-tips and tissue. Even that wasn’t enough. There was one small stain that stuck around until I soaked it in some pen flush then put it in the UC. I was quit surprised this ink as such a hassle to clean after just two weeks.

I’ll be re-inking the Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe within a day or two. It’s new enough to still be a favorite, although I do think it will keep that favorite tag for years. I really like the pen and want to keep it inked up. As for the Akkerman Ijzer-Galnoten ink, the problematic cleanup has really turned me off for an ink that failed to stand out.