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Franklin-Christoph Model 02 w/needlepoint nib and Pilot Black ink bottleThis week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with Pilot Black ink. I didn’t do much writing this week since I was under the weather for most of it but this was the pen I picked early in the week.

It’s the Labor Day weekend here in the U.S., the unofficial end of summer. I compiled this post a bit early, any late links I miss will be next week.

Some links of interest…

I’m not the only one who views the start a month to update their inked fountain pens. The Finer Point and Write to Me Often both show off their current loadout.

Has Bungbox Blundered? — Fountain Pen Economics // Interesting article about Bungbox. Whenever something is hyped as much as Bungbox I’m often skeptical about how much of it is purely based on scarcity so I’ve never tried the ink. But this price increase means I’ll be less likely. Although as Dr. Deans points out this may be the point by helping their (lack of) supply problem.

Review: Lamy Logo // Too slim for me, otherwise it seems like a nice fountain pen.

Welcome to Pencil Month! — The Purl Bug // Ink fewer pens! Carry a pencil! Say it ain’t so! But seriously, a pencil obsession is one I understand even though it never trespassed into my fountain pen obsession despite my attempts. I still listen to The Erasable Podcaston a regular basis.

Sailor Professional Gear Slim “Sapporo” – Calligraphy Nut // Another nice but too small fountain pen.

Sailor Young Profit Music Nib – Write to Me Often // Continuing today’s theme of pens that are too slim, but adding a nib that’s also completely out of my wheelhouse.

The Workplace Ink Kit — Gorgeous.Ink // I avoided this by always taking many pens to the office and only re-inking at home. But good info if you want to ink up in the office.

Writing Wednesday: Page Per Day Challenge 2016 – Quo Vadis Blog // Granted, a distributer who wants to move product, but not bad if you’re looking for a reason to use your fountain pen every day.

Pelikan Souveran M400 White Tortoise – Broad Nib – Ink of Me Fondly // Continuing the them of beautiful pens too small for my tastes.

Field Notes: Item Numbers — Three Staples // Great, something else to obsess over with Field Notes.

Stationery Store Series: Dymocks of Sydney – Palimpsest // I like reading about B&M stationery (or pen) stores. I’m close enough to NYC to be able to get to some (that are still around), although it would still be a daylong adventure to make the travel worth it.

Review: Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire SE Classique Fountain Pen @couronneducomte @montblanc_world – Gourmet Pens // Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She bought the pen because it was pretty, all that red gold makes me wince.*

Montblanc Meisterstück 136 Fountain Pen Review – THE UNROYAL WARRANT // An older, more visually appealing (IMO) Montblanc.

The Architect Nib (and how I still have a blog) – and what about // A nib grind that’s received a lot of attention in the last few months. This time reviewed by someone who typically used the thin nibs I like.

Our Favorite Notebooks for Fountain Pen Use – // An article I missed when it first appeared but thanks to An Inkophile’s Blog I recently caught it. Yes, a retailer trying to move product, but still a wide range of good information.

Retro 1951 Tornado EXT M1 (Massdrop Exclusive) – Inklode

Check out all of this week’s links at Fountain Pen Links. If you’re looking for information about a specific pen or ink be sure to visit Pennquod.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes and Links”

  1. Thanks for the credit. 🙂

    One thing I like about retailer blogs is the variety of products they can cover. Yes, it means they promote what they carry, but it’s useful to know that a brand of paper is good with fountain pen ink. Other things like color comparisons are good as well. If they entice me to buy from them, it’s a fair exchange for the useful information they share.

    I like your caveat that makes readers aware of the source. The more we know, the better. 🙂

  2. I meant to comment a long time ago, but I just wanted to say thanks for including my blog post in your list! I really appreciate it, especially since it was my first blog post about pens!


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