Ink & Pen Notes – Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with Athena Sepia Ink

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Vintage Green with a broad stub nib and Athena Sepia Ink bottle

I picked Athena Sepia as the first ink for my second Franklin-Christoph Model 20. This Model 20 has a medium stub nib, one of the optional Mike Masuyama grinds available from F-C. It took me a relatively quick two weeks for me to write the pen dry which is a good indication that I liked this pen/ink combination.

The Athena ink is the store brand of the Maruzen department stores in Japan. It appears to be made by Sailor although the bottle is unique. The ink is hard to find in the United States which makes it expensive. I picked mine up from Nanami Paper although they don’t seem to stock it anymore.

The medium stub in the Model 20 is very, very smooth. It’s a steel nib, not buttery smooth, but I like a little feedback so it’s great for me. I often forget to mention whether the nib is steel or gold when I write about my F-C pens. I always get the steel nib although gold nibs are an option, for an additional cost of course.

The Athena Sepia worked great with this pen. It’s a dark brown, almost black ink. It looks nice with this wider (for me at least) nib. There’s just a little shading. The ink flow is true to the nib size so there’s variation between the horizontal and vertical strokes thanks to the stub.

I haven’t picked the next ink for this Franklin-Christoph Model 20 stub nib yet. It’s a new pen so I’ll want to pick a different ink. I do like the Athena Sepia ink so it will probably find its way into another fountain pen sooner rather than later.