Currently Inked – September 21, 2015

I had the urge to go through my fountain pen accumulation this past Saturday, fueled by the upcoming Commonwealth Pen Show. Besides being fun fun to do, it reminds me about what I have while suppressing my buying impulse. Not all impulses were suppressed, I couldn’t resist inking up many of the pens.

For context, I had picked a 24 pen case and decided to fill it with my 24 favorite fountain pens. Well, more or less, I excluded vintage pens plus I could still argue for or against some choices. But I picked the pens to ink up from among those 24. Most of the inks selected were also among my favorites since I wasn’t in the mood to experiment much, although I did save my two Model 20s for ink I planned to purchase at the pen show.

This brought me to 15 inked fountain pens, more than double the seven inked up when Saturday started. Two are nearly dry so this will leave a mere 13 .

On to the pens. As usual, the Esterbrook Dip-less isn’t pictured otherwise the pens are in the same order as the writing samples. Links are to reviews or “This Just In” posts if they exist.

Currently inked - capped pens 1
Currently inked - uncapped pens 1
Currently inked - capped pens 2
Currently inked - uncapped pens 2
Currently inked Sept, 21, 2015 - writing samples

Esterbrook Dip-Less (#7550)Montblanc Corn Poppy Red // Sheaffer Balance Oversize c.1935 (b. stub) – Montblanc Irish Green // Pelikan Souverän M805 Streseman Anthracite (extra fine)Montblanc Bordeaux // Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo (Left Oblique) – P.W. Akkerman Oranje Boven // Kaweco Brass Sport (extra fine) – Kaweco Red cartridge // Franklin-Christoph Model 02 (needlepoint) – Pilot Black // Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe (extra fine) – Toucan Bright Green // Edison Huron Grande (extra fine)Montblanc Bordeaux // Franklin-Christoph Model 66 (extra fine)R&K Blau Schwarz LE // Pilot Custom 823 (fine) – Pelikan Blue-Black // Pilot Vanishing Point (Maplewood) (XXXF) – Pilot Black Cartridge // Sheaffer Balance Aspen (medium) – Sheaffer Gray // Sheaffer Balance II Crimson Glow (medium) – Sheaffer Peacock Blue // Franklin-Christoph Model 20 (green) (medium stub) –Noodler’s Plymouth // Franklin-Christoph Model 20 (Tiger Red) (medium) –  WildernessNoodler’s King Philip Requiem

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