Ink & Pen Notes: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with Pilot Black Ink

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 w/needlepoint nib and Pilot Black ink bottle

The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with its needlepoint nib is new to me. I picked Pilot Black as its first ink. Its an ink that’s always behaved well, plus it’s nice and dark for the thin nib.

The ink performed well. The full converter lasted about 3 1/2 weeks. Considering that the nib is stingy with ink this is a good indication that I liked the pen/ink and used it more than other available choices.

But the experience wasn’t aggravation free, much to my surprise. The aggravation started when it came time to clean the Model 02. Pilot inks have always been pen friendly and easy to clean. This ink didn’t sit unused in the pen and 3 weeks is short for me so I didn’t expect problems. Some ink had splattered in the cap. Some drops had been in the cap for awhile and these were probably the spots that were the stubborn ones. Most of the ink washed away with water and a little scrubbing, but some were stubborn as was ink in the threads, which are midway down the cap. This ink needed some time in the ultrasonic cleaner, a little pen flush and more scrubbing with a q-tip.

The cap finial unscrews, making it easy to swap. The dip in the UC loosened it a bit so I removed it so any water trapped in there could dry out. I really like the way the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 feels in my hand and the needlepoint nib is considerably smoother than I expected. I have too many pens inked at the moment so the Model 02 will get a break, and it probably won’t see Pilot Black ink again. Luckily I didn’t fill it as a eye dropper, and I’ll use the converter next time too.