Ink & Pen Notes – Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with Athena Sepia Ink

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Vintage Green with a broad stub nib and Athena Sepia Ink bottle

I picked Athena Sepia as the first ink for my second Franklin-Christoph Model 20. This Model 20 has a medium stub nib, one of the optional Mike Masuyama grinds available from F-C. It took me a relatively quick two weeks for me to write the pen dry which is a good indication that I liked this pen/ink combination.

The Athena ink is the store brand of the Maruzen department stores in Japan. It appears to be made by Sailor although the bottle is unique. The ink is hard to find in the United States which makes it expensive. I picked mine up from Nanami Paper although they don’t seem to stock it anymore.

The medium stub in the Model 20 is very, very smooth. It’s a steel nib, not buttery smooth, but I like a little feedback so it’s great for me. I often forget to mention whether the nib is steel or gold when I write about my F-C pens. I always get the steel nib although gold nibs are an option, for an additional cost of course.

The Athena Sepia worked great with this pen. It’s a dark brown, almost black ink. It looks nice with this wider (for me at least) nib. There’s just a little shading. The ink flow is true to the nib size so there’s variation between the horizontal and vertical strokes thanks to the stub.

I haven’t picked the next ink for this Franklin-Christoph Model 20 stub nib yet. It’s a new pen so I’ll want to pick a different ink. I do like the Athena Sepia ink so it will probably find its way into another fountain pen sooner rather than later.

Ink & Pen Notes: Franklin-Christoph Model 20 and GvFC Garnet Red

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 medium nib with GvFC Garnet Red Botle

I picked Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red as the first ink for my Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta with its medium nib. It took only two weeks for me to write the pen dry. This is quick for me so it’s a good indicator that I liked the pen & ink combo. It’s even better when I consider that there were a few days where I didn’t use any fountain pens.

I like the ink a lot with this nib. Garnet Red does better with a wet nib. While I wouldn’t call this nib a gusher, it’s not dry either. Being wider than my typical nib it highlights the Garnet Red nicely. This ink has had past problems clinging to converters, requiring occasional priming to keep the ink going. I didn’t have any of those problems here, ink flow was nice and consistent right until the last drop.

The ink & pen combined for a pleasant writing experience. I was tempted to immediately refill the pen with more Garnet Red but being a new pen I will change things up. The ink was easily flushed from the Model 20 and the converter.

I want to ink the Franklin-Christoph Model 20 up right away, even with its wide medium nib. But there was almost a week where I barely used any pens so I’ll be giving the other inked pens some attention before I re-ink the Model 20.

Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Vintage Green with a broad stub nib and Athena Sepia Ink bottle

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination was the now empty Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with Athena Sepia ink.

I had problems with my workflow for saving links, Feedbin and Pinboard refused to talk, so I may have lost some links, especially from early in the week. Maybe I lost some from later in the week as I work out my new workflow. But there’s still some links of interest…

The Commonwealth Pen show is next Sunday. I’m hoping to be there sometime during the day. Here’s the info from an email I received:

A reminder that the 2nd Annual Commonwealth Pen Show is coming on Sunday, September 20th in the Union Square Room at the Holiday Inn Boston Bunker Hill (309 Washington Street, Somerville, MA). Free parking is available at the hotel or the venue is a short walk from the MBTA Sullivan Square Station (Orange Line).

The show is open to the public from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm. Admission is $7.00. Seventeen exhibitors will be offering a wide range of pens, accessories, and services.

Full details available on the show’s Web site.

Montblanc Heritage 1912 Review — The Pen Addict // I’ve been read/linking a lot of Montblanc reviews lately. This one includes a bumpy forum purchase.

Brian’s Top 10 Sheening Inks – Goulet Pens Blog // Ink Sheen isn’t something that appeals to me, at least in my own pens since the thin nibs don’t really benefit. But if you want sheen, here’s some inks to start with.

Pelikan Souverän M101N Tortoiseshell Brown SE Fountain Pen Review – Hey there! SBREBrown // I really like these M101N pens Pelikan puts out. I have one (the Lizard) and love it, but the pen is on the small side and I can’t justify to myself getting multiple finishes.

Fountain Pen Nibs: Of Steel and Gold – Pete Denison // Good article on the steel vs. gold debate. My own take more or less matches up. I never pay more for a gold nib when there is an option. My favorite fountain pens are a mix of nib material. In my Top 5 Modern Pens three are gold nibs and two are steel.

Of Nibs and Models. Pilot – Crónicas Estilográficas // I gave up trying to understand Pilot’s naming conventions. Glad I’m not alone in finding them “Strange and even confusing”

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This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta (Vintage Green)

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Vintage Green

I received this, my second Franklin-Christoph Model 20, at the same time as my orange Model 02. I’ve just been delayed in writing about it. I considered skipping this post since I’ve already written the pen dry of its first fill. I wrote the draft about a week ago and I’d hate to waste it, so it’s being posted now. Plus, I’m a completist and it would annoy me to skip it.

The only two differences between this version and my original Model 20 are the acrylic and the nib. This one has the Vintage Green acrylic and a Mike Masuyama medium stub nib. Like my original, this one also lacks a clip.

I generally hate it when the word “vintage” is used as an adjective when naming a new product. So that was a initial turnoff. But I really like the look so I got over it. I do think the pen design itself has a look reminiscent of vintage pens. It’s a simple design but it does have character. I don’t think the Green looks any more vintage than the Tiger Red. That said, the Vintage Green has some subtle shading to it that does give it a retro aesthetic.

It’s hard to pass up a Mike Masuyama nib grind when ordering from Franklin-Christoph. I have passed it up in the past, but this time I picked the medium stub. At $15 it’s the best value in fountain pens. Since I usually go for thin nibs it’s a little wider than normal for me. It won’t be using it to mark up documents and it won’t be a regular note taker for me, but it’s a very nice nib for regular writing sessions. This particular nib has been very smooth out of the box.

Everything else that I said about the original Model 20 applies to this one.

I picked Athena Sepia ink (store brand for Maruzan stores in Japan, reportedly made by Sailor) as the first ink for this pen. It’s a deep, dark brown ink that’s nearly black. I figured it would like this nib more than my typical thin nibs. There’s some subtle shading, not much but it is there.

It’s seems like I can’t resist buying multiple copies of Franklin-Christoph models. In this case, as the others, I don’t regret having multiple versions of the Model 20. Both the medium (in the Tiger Red) and this medium stub are about the same width so I’ll use each pen in similar situations. I tend to write slower with stub nibs so they do provide a different writing experience that goes beyond the type of line it puts down.

Sunday Notes and Links

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 w/needlepoint nib and Pilot Black ink bottle

This week’s favorite fountain pen and ink combination is the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 with Pilot Black ink. I didn’t do much writing this week since I was under the weather for most of it but this was the pen I picked early in the week.

It’s the Labor Day weekend here in the U.S., the unofficial end of summer. I compiled this post a bit early, any late links I miss will be next week.

Some links of interest…

I’m not the only one who views the start a month to update their inked fountain pens. The Finer Point and Write to Me Often both show off their current loadout.

Review: Lamy Logo // Too slim for me, otherwise it seems like a nice fountain pen.

Welcome to Pencil Month! — The Purl Bug // Ink fewer pens! Carry a pencil! Say it ain’t so! But seriously, a pencil obsession is one I understand even though it never trespassed into my fountain pen obsession despite my attempts. I still listen to The Erasable Podcaston a regular basis.

Sailor Professional Gear Slim “Sapporo” – Calligraphy Nut // Another nice but too small fountain pen.

Pelikan Souveran M400 White Tortoise – Broad Nib – Ink of Me Fondly // Continuing the them of beautiful pens too small for my tastes.

Field Notes: Item Numbers — Three Staples // Great, something else to obsess over with Field Notes.

Stationery Store Series: Dymocks of Sydney – Palimpsest // I like reading about B&M stationery (or pen) stores. I’m close enough to NYC to be able to get to some (that are still around), although it would still be a daylong adventure to make the travel worth it.

Review: Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire SE Classique Fountain Pen @couronneducomte @montblanc_world – Gourmet Pens // Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She bought the pen because it was pretty, all that red gold makes me wince.*

The Architect Nib (and how I still have a blog) – and what about // A nib grind that’s received a lot of attention in the last few months. This time reviewed by someone who typically used the thin nibs I like.

Our Favorite Notebooks for Fountain Pen Use – // An article I missed when it first appeared but thanks to An Inkophile’s Blog I recently caught it. Yes, a retailer trying to move product, but still a wide range of good information.

Retro 1951 Tornado EXT M1 (Massdrop Exclusive) – Inklode

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