Ink & Pen Notes: Sheaffer Balance II with Sheaffer Peacock Blue

Sheaffer Balance II (Crimson Glow) with Sheaffer Peacock Blue bottle

Turquoise inks are near the bottom of my ink rankings, yet I really like Sheaffer’s Peacock Blue. It seems perfect for the bright red Crimson Glow acrylic of the Sheaffer Balance II. It’s the last of the old Sheaffer inks made in Wisconsin and sold in the burgundy bottles, so nostalgia probably colors my opinion.

The Balance II’s nib is officially a medium, but it’s on the thin side, so more of a fine medium. This puts in closer to my preference for thin nibs and I use it more than my other, wider, medium nibs. The nib and ink combine to provide some nice line cariation, which also endears this ink to me, despite being turquoise. I like this pen & ink combination so much that it’s the only ink that’s been in the pen.

As usual with my Sheaffer pens and ink, the performance was nearly perfect. There was an occasional skip, very rare, and usually when I picked up the pen for the first time that day. I wrote the pen dry in about 10 days which is quick for me. I did use the pen a lot, but I there must have been some significant evaporation this time which could explain some of the skipping.

With so many pens still inked I’ll put this one aside for a little time. But I suspect this Sheaffer Balance II will return to the rotation with Sheaffer Peacock Blue.