Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with GvFC Carbon Black

Sailor Professional Gear Regency Stripe

I inked up the Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with Graf von Faber-Castell Carbon Black back on October 24th. At less than two weeks this pen went dry rather quickly, at least for me. Unfortunately there was a reason for that.

I did say unfortunately. Today I found that ink had leaked from the converter into the barrel of the fountain pen which explains why it went dry sooner than expected. It’s a converter that I had to pull apart for cleaning after past fills. The ink had obviously leaked from the top of the converter, not from down near the feed. The converter was tightly put together and there weren’t any obvious gaps or loose parts. The last time I pulled it apart I didn’t use any silicon grease when I put it back together. That may have been a mistake that allowed the ink to creep out.

Flushing the ink from the feed was quick and easy, just a couple flushes with the bulb syringe. Cleaning the ink from inside the barrel was a different story and took considerable time.

I did use the pen a lot. Enough so that I wasn’t expecting a problem when it went dry. The Regency Stripe has a very thin Sailor extra fine nib which I love.

There’s no writing sample or ink photos since the pen leaked before I did them. Once the pen dries out I plan to refill it with the same ink since I really did enjoy this combination. I have had this pen over three months so I’ll probably be giving it a full review soon.

3 thoughts on “Ink & Pen Notes: Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with GvFC Carbon Black

  1. I’ve had the same issue arise from a Sailor converter. Apparently, they’re known to fail in this way. FPN has a whole thread dedicated to it.

    I tried using silicon grease to remedy the problem but was unsuccessful and ended up buying a new converter.

  2. @Theo & @Aziziaj

    Thanks for the info. Even if it is depressing, it saved me from a repeat performance. Really sorry to hear about you demonstrator Azizah, at least mine is hidden and the ink is mild so any still in there isn’t going to cause problems.


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