Ink & Pen Notes: Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary with Montblanc Toffee Brown

Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary with Montblanc Toffee Brown ink bottle

I inked up my Conway Stewart Fountain Pen Hospital 60th Anniversary fountain pen so that I could finally review it. The review should be out soon (I’ve had the pen 10 years, hopefully soon isn’t relative to that time frame.) With the review pending these notes will be short.

I inked the pen up on October 24th and wrote it dry back on November 3rd. I didn’t give the pen a full converter because I didn’t expect to use the pen very much and didn’t want to wast any ink. Much to my surprise I used the pen a lot and wrote it dry in less than two weeks.

The pen has been unused for years. I wanted to give the pen a fair shake before the review so I wanted an ink I knew well and liked very much. Brown seemed appropriate for this pen – I picked Montblanc Toffee Brown.

The medium nib wrote well, putting down a line true to its width. I didn’t have any skipping or hard starts. I did have problems with the ink clinging to the converter and I did prime the feed once or twice. The pen stopped pretty much all at once rather than having the line slowly get thinner and drier so it was less annoying than it could have been.

Cleaning the pen took much longer than I expected. No staining or anything like that. It just seemed like I’d never get rid of all the traces of brown. And actually I didn’t remove all traces. I decided it was good enough and left it sitting in tissue to draw any residual ink out.

Overall, a nice writing experience although I wasn’t left with an urge to immediately re-ink the FPH 60th Anniversary Conway Stewart.