From the Pen Case: Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary

Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary

I decided to pull a long ignored fountain pen out of a storage case and ink it up. Rather than actually have to make a decision I just looked at my accumulation and picked the first unreviewed fountain pen. That made it my Conway Stewart Fountain Pen Hospital 60th Anniversary Limited Edition.

I can’t remember the last time I inked up this pen. Considering I’ve been consistently tracking the pens I use for the past couple of years I can confidently say it’s been a few years. I have no bad memories or experiences with the pen, it just didn’t keep my attention.

Why I Got It

I bought the pen back in late 2005. I remember considering it a good price for a Conway Stewart. Plus, I really like the brown marble acrylic. I’m less happy with all the gold trim these days, but back then I didn’t mind it much. Plus, it’s not so bad on a brown pen.

What I Got

Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary medium nib with Montblanc Toffee Brown

The Conway Stewart 60th is a mid-sized cartridge/converter fountain pen that takes standard international cartridges and converters. There’s plenty of room in the barrel for a full size cartridge and even the longest converter. I received number 47 of 60, according to the small engraving near the top of the cap. The pen is made from a nice brown marble acrylic with some nice depth to it. As I mentioned, there’s a lot of gold trim. Even the nib is a solid gold color. Speaking of the nib, it’s a medium 18 kt. gold nib. Conway Stewart Made in England is engraved on the barrel.

The pen is a good size for my hand and it’s comfortable to hold. It’s a bit heavier than my typical writer but I don’t consider it too heavy. Nearly half of its weight is in the cap and I don’t post this pen when writing.

The Numbers

  • Length Capped: 5.535″ (140.58 mm)
  • Length Uncapped: 5.051″ (128.29 mm)
  • Length Posted: 7″ (177 mm)
  • Section Length: 0.7545″ (19.16 mm)
  • Section Diameter (near nib): 0.448″ (11.37 mm)
  • Section Diameter (below threads): 0.457″ (11.61 mm)
  • Section Diameter (mid-section): 0.418″ (10.61 mm)
  • Cap Diameter: 0.609″ (15.46 mm)
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.4955″ (12.60 mm)
  • Weight: 42 g
  • Weight (body only): 24 g

Writing With The Pen

Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary with Montblanc Toffee Brown ink bottle

The cap takes just over one full rotation to remove and get the pen ready to write. The griping section is fairly long and my thumb barely touches the threads when I’m writing with the pen. The threads aren’t sharp so even if I held the pen higher they wouldn’t be a problem.

The medium nib puts down a nice line, not too thin and not too wide. It’s clearly a western fine although not as wide as some are these days. It’s a hefty fountain pen that feels solidly built. After writing for about 20 minutes my hand was a little fatigued.

I did have problems with the ink not wanting to leave the converter and I had to prime the feed a couple of times. It’s been so long since I’ve used the pen that I can’t remember if this was a common problem. But I picked Montblanc Toffee Brown because I knew it was a well behaved ink so I do blame the converter. That said, it’s a standard international converter so it’s a problem that can be resolved.

Overall, a pleasant albeit uninspiring writing experience.

Cleaning The Pen

It’s a cartridge/converter pen so it’s easy to clean. Yet, it took forever (well, it seemed like forever) to remove all traces of the normally easy to flush Montblanc Toffee Brown ink.

Inks Used

I used Montblanc Toffee Brown because it’s a ink I know and like. It worked well in this pen, except for the previously mentioned problems with the converter.

I have no memory of what other inks I used in the decade since I got the Conway Stewart. No ink struck me as particularly memorable for either a good or bad writing experience.

Wrapping Up

There’s lot that I like about the Fountain Pen Hospital 60th Anniversary Fountain Pen from Conway Stewart. It’s a good size, it’s comfortable and I like the looks of the acrylic. There’s a lot of gold trim which I can do without, although it does work with the brown material. That said, the fountain pen just doesn’t keep my attention. I had no qualms about using it until I wrote it dry, but I also had no qualms about returning it to the pen case when it was empty. It’s a pen that will get little future use from me and it does deserve better. So it will probably be in the next batch of pens that I sell. For me, it’s not a keeper.

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