Ink & Pen Notes: Pilot Vanishing Point with R&K Scabiosa

Pilot Vanishing Point Left Oblique Nib with R&K Scabiosa ink bottle

I fitted my Cherry Bamboo Pilot Vanishing Point with a left oblique nib with the intent to use it to write the postcard replies to the contest entrants. I picked Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa as the ink. Being an Iron Gall ink means it’s waterproof which is ideal for the postcards.

The ink and pen are great, my choice of postcards was fountain pen hostile. I couldn’t find any postcards locally, at least none that I liked and were reasonably priced so I ordered some postcards from Amazon. The postcards were fine (Connecticut themed) but it wasn’t completely unexpected that they were coated and glossy. As shown in the photos the coating was attracted to the nib and clumped up a bit. Cleaning the nib while writing was required as it would affect the flow. Plus, neither the ink or nib were able to highlight their character on the coating.

I used a Con–50 converter that has the agitator inside, so it doesn’t hold much ink. Despite this I was surprised when I actually wrote the pen dry. I used the pen last night, with the intent of cleaning it when I finished, empty or not. I inked it up back on November 24 and three weeks was long enough for an iron gall ink. Instead it went dry. I must have used it more than I remember in the week before the Visconti Bronze Age arrived since I haven’t used it much since then.

The Vanishing Point is an easy pen to clean since the nib unit is removable and the Scabiosa ink was easily flushed from the pen.

A nib and ink that I like. For the postcards I’ll pick a more basic waterproof ink and a run-of-the-mill easy to clean (and harder to clog) medium nib. (I already have better postcards, but will use these up first) The left oblique Vanishing Point nib and the R&K Scabiosa ink are both worth frequent visits to my rotation and will return. I wrote about the Cherry Bamboo Vanishing Point and Left Oblique nib here.

As is my practice, the nib is photographed after using it for awhile. So in most of the photos you can see the coating that accumulated from the postcards, although in the last two I cleaned the nib off a bit.