Sunday Notes – January 10, 2016

What I Used

Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age with Montblanc Bordeaux

It as a slow week when it came to using fountain pens. I kept my streak going and used the Visconti Bronze Age every day. Although considering it lasted well over a week on it’s fill, only going dry on Saturday. I used it considerably less than previous weeks. It’s still my favorite. I can’t really pick a second place favorite as I tried to spread what little writing that I did among all my inked pens.

I’ve also continued to write in my Hobonichi every day. While I don’t necessarily like matching pens & notebooks, in this case I’ve been alternating entries with my two desk pens. The F-C Model 66 for blue-black and the Edison Huron Grande when I want the red of Montblanc Bordeaux.

What Others Are Using

“Where’ve you been, Mike?” ~ Inkdependence!

Mike shows us his Christmas stuff.

My Vintage Parker 61 Jet Flighter Fountain Pen Experience — The Clicky Post

Mike (a different Mike) tells up about his vintage pen experience.

Stationery at My Wedding | All Things Stationery

While I’d stop short of calling it a stationery themed wedding, Tessa certainly did go all out when incorporating it into her wedding. She can be forgiven for only including one fountain pen.

EDC Show & Tell, January 2016 — The Purl Bug

With only three fountain pens Amanda is is showing excessive restraint and logic.

New Year, New Loadout — Ink&Flour

BW is also showing excessive restraint and logic and carrying three fountain pen.

Top Ten Pens 2015 | Leigh Reyes. My Life As a Verb.

Leigh shares her top 10 fountain pens of 2015 several of which get regular use.

Website Spotlight

This week’s website spotlight shines on Too Many Inks, at least that’s what it’s called at the moment. There’s been a few other iterations and this is the fourth name.

Obsessive/compulsive (in a good way) collector of fountain pens and inks. David mainly collects Pelikan fountain pens and his ink currently totals 309 bottles.

He regularly posts his pens/inks as he loads them up and uses a database to manage the rotation to make sure he keeps a good mix of pens and inks.

Since I like seeing what other people use this site is a regular for me since the vast majority of posts is what he’s using. And since he inks & flushes to a schedule there’s always something new to see.

Pen Shows & Other News

A new M800 from Pelikan is just around the corner, and it’s a looker. Josh later tweeted, and updated the post to say that it appears that this pen will only be released in the United States and one other (currently unknown country). My guess, completely uninformed, is that the second country is Belgium based on the name of the pen. This is a Special Edition and pre-orders are about $680 from US retailers.

The pens show season kicks off with the Philadelphia Pen Show in less than two weeks, January 23 and 24. Website

With the revised format for my Sunday post there’s far fewer links than I had in the past. If you still want to get your link fix I’d recommend these sites which publish regular link posts. There are other sites that post links, but I think of these two as the ones with both a regular schedule and a large number and variety of links in each post.

On Fountain PensSunday Inklings every other Sunday.

The Well-Appointed Desk publishes Link Love every Wednesday.

Lastly, thanks to automation, most of what I read gets pushed out to Fountain Pen Links as a link, so if you want a firehose of links it’s there.