Sunday Notes and Links – January 17, 2016

What I Used

Thirteen fountain pens inked up as the year begins

Another week with very low fountain pen usage on my part. I think I missed a day using the Visconti Homo Sapien so I can no longer say I’ve used the pen every day since getting it. I stopped carrying it in order to give other pens a shot, intending to use it evenings. But I didn’t write every evening so it went unused. No favorite this week since I tried mixing up my carry every day. I picked a different three pens to carry each day.

What Others Use

Jon Bemis used a dozen fountain pens over a two week period during some negotiations. (Guest post on The Pen Addict)

Dr. Deans, at Pen Economist, wrote about capping your collection and at the bottom of the article he lists his current collection (capped at 10 fountain pens). I’ve debated capping my collection but I can’t bring myself to do it. I use a pen and like it enough so I decide not to sell it. I do have pens that make me happier than others and I will use these more than others. I’ve carefully avoided declaring an arbitrary buying moratorium but I suspect there will be a high hurdle to get over for me to add new pens this year. As Dr. Deans mentions, the value of new pens has declined for me. So maybe a cap isn’t out of the question.

Heidi started using a 2016 Hobonichi Techo and tells us How I use my Hobonichi Techo [via @dowdyism]

Joe, The Gentleman Stationer, shares his 5 favorite fountain pen inks for everyday writing. Couldn’t agree more with Sheaffer Skrip Red and Pilot Blue-Black. I can’t argue with Waterman either, except blue isn’t a color for me. I can’t argue with the others either, I like them but they aren’t everyday inks for me.

Mary at From the Pen Cup, also started with the 2016 Hobonichi Techo and shares A Practice: My Hobonichi Techo. I’ve ben recording the daily weather on the daily page. But Mary uses the monthly index pages for that purpose. I use those index pages to keep track of habits or daily goals (fun to see a unbroken streak) but I don’t use the monthly calendar pages at all and those seem ideal for the weather summary.

Website Spotlight

This week’s website in the spotlight is The Pen Addict. This is a little bit like the president of the local model rocketry club telling people they should visit the NASA website. You probably already know about it and visit it regularly. But still, I shouldn’t ignore it for that reason.

It’s worth mentioning now for a couple of reasons. First, Brad just updated his Top 5 lists. Second, Brad just started a Pen Addict membership to support the site. Although, if you don’t currently visit the site regularly then the membership wouldn’t appeal to you, but it does mean Brad will be spending more time and attention on the site. So, if you haven’t visited the site in awhile it’s worth visiting to see what’s new. Some changes are not so new such as regular contributions from a couple of writers (Susan & Jeff) along with frequent guest posts.

My only complaint is that he wastes time also writes about pencils, rollerballs, gel pens and other non-fountain pen topics.

Pen Shows & Other News

For those of you in the latest Edison Pens group buy, there was an update. It’s getting close!

The pens show season kicks off in the U.S with the Philadelphia Pen Show at the end of this week, January 23 and 24. Website.

Pen shows kick off in Europe a week from today with the Southwest Pen Show in the UK on January 24th.

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  1. Ray–great suggestions. Not only typical pen stuff to read but links to helpful info such as news about Brad at The Pen Addict and the Edison group buy (waiting for my first Edison-extended Mina in denim ebonite). Thanks.

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